Version 0.3.0

Version 0.3.0 introduces a new Node SDK to play the game with JavaScript or TypeScript. And a new in-depth tutorial about playing the game with TypeScript is available on the website.

Revisiting 0.2.0

The previous version was the first public release of the game. It featured two different colors for airplanes and airports, and new 2D assets that gave the game a new look.

What’s Changed

The changes in 0.3.0 are all about the new Node SDK, which makes it simple to play the game with JavaScript or TypeScript. The SDK packages the auto-generated bindings for the game’s gRPC API, and publishes them as an npm package.

Together with the SDK, a new tutorial has been published that shows players how to play the game with TypeScript. he tutorial covers the installation of the game through the itch app, setting up a new project for the bot, and interacting with the API to start a game and subscribe to events.

The code in the tutorial has been published on GitHub in the form of a template repository, which players can use to bootstrap a TypeScript bot:

Plans for 0.4.0+

The current version of the game has some known bugs that I’d like to fix for the next release. And then I need to make a decision whether to work on a new UI or on new game mechanics.

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Version 0.3.0 Apr 23, 2022

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